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The Canal & Bocas Del Toro

  Panama Canal   Bocas Del Toro Benefits for the massive trade generated by the Panama Canal. Almost 100 years after it was built, the Panama Canal still stands as a marvel of engineering. What started as a French project in 1880 was completed as an American one in 1914, with 40,000 workers moving enough […]


Real Estate in Panama | Bocas Del Toro

Real Estate in Panama   Real Estate in Panama and general Property prices are affordable and, specifically Bocas Del Toro on par with well-known locations 10 to 20 years ago, which is why, there are always excellent deals to be found on real estate in Bocas Del Toro. Real estate in Panama offers Caribbean and […]


Things to Do Bocas Del Toro

Things to do   Panama and Panamanians will give you the keys to living a fascinating experience in this great country of Panama. Panama is a lively and bustling capital of modern buildings and structures with large and modern shopping centers, easily accessible from Bocas Del Toro, the capital is considered the Mecca of shopping […]